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Do you require information on an aspect of the industry which will be covered in The Mobile World Directory? Need it now? We can help.

Whilst the full online service isn’t due to go live yet, much of the information which will be included can be provided on an “on-demand” basis. Please mention The Mobile World Directory when discussing your subscription.

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The Mobile World Directory - coming soon
The Mobile World Directory is a brand new service from The Mobile World due for launch soon. Where The Mobile World Database provides the world’s most accurate and dependable source of numerical metrics on the global mobile industry, The Mobile World Directory is designed to uphold the same unrivalled quality standards with respect to the huge amount of non-quantative information we hold.

Comprehensive background information on the mobile industry...
  • Company and regulator contact details
  • Networks and network specifications
  • Licences and operating permits
  • Spectrum allocations
  • Infrastructure contracts
  • Auctions and licence award processes
...with all the hallmarks of a service from The Mobile World
  • Comprehensive global coverage
  • Accurate, detailed and reliable data
  • Interactive and user-friendly interface
  • Fully searchable in a fully relational database
  • Seamless integration with our other online services
If you would like more detailed information about The Mobile World Directory and the information it will contain, please do not hesitate to contact us.