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A fully supported service
Unlimited telephone and email support from our team of senior analysts is an integral part of the Database service. Whether you have a question about a specific datapoint, an entire aspect of the industry, or how to get the best from our online service, we are here to help.

The Mobile World Database service is as much about our team members – and the experience they bring to bear – as it is about the data and analysis itself.
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 “I have found that The Mobile World is the best source of KPIs and market intelligence for the global mobile telecoms industry. The data is clearly sourced and accurately reviewed, and their team is also very helpful and efficient at resolving queries.”

Associate Partner, Telecoms & Media, Deloitte LLP
About The Mobile World Database
With a highly experienced team of financial analysts, a rigorous research methodology, state of the art technology and a vast and detailed archive of verified data, The Mobile World Database is the definitive source of “investment grade” market metrics and statistics for the mobile business community.

Gain unlimited access to comprehensive information on:
  • All operators and major multi-nationals: more than 1,000 separate companies under coverage
  • All markets and regions globally: 228 individual markets, aggregated across six world regions
  • All 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G standards: the complete technology picture for all companies and markets
  • All 37 years of the history of mobile: the most extensive archive available, dating back to 1979
  • All metrics ever published by the industry: more than 8 million datapoints
Our newly extended online Database now also includes:
  • Detailed financial metrics for over 900 national and multi-national operators
  • Quarterly forecasts for every operator in the world's 100 largest markets out to 2020
  • Historic data for 1979-2016 for unique coverage of the complete history of the industry
  • Fixed-line data for all markets
  • Intelligent any-to-any currency converter featuring 100 world currencies
From ad-hoc data requests to the complete outsourcing of your telecoms intelligence function, The Mobile World Database is a service you cannot afford to be without.

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Philosophy & Methodology
It is our philosophy that if you need the numbers then you need the right numbers. The information we provide is:

We track the industry and update our data on a daily basis, making use of all available sources - including press releases, periodic reports, investor presentations, stock market filings, government statistics and regulatory reviews, not to mention our network of invaluable contacts throughout the industry.

We employ a unique colour-coding system giving all our data unrivalled accountability and transparency, with an audit trail back to source in every case. We stand by the data we provide and are happy to discuss the provenance of our figures, and the methodology behind them, at any time.

Our service is not limited to a set range of benchmark metrics; instead we include all available metrics for all operators and markets across the world, for unprecedented granularity. In addition our metrics are precisely labelled in order to give transparency to how each KPI is calculated, and to expose and explain definitional differences between operators.

Our data is structured, interpreted, input and verified by expert analysts, with 35 years experience in the mobile sector. We do not employ data-entry personnel and we do not outsource. Even with over 7 million individual datapoints we take pride in the accuracy of every single figure we provide.

We keep fully abreast of all the latest developments across the world, ensuring that these are accurately and honestly represented in the data we provide at all times. The result is a service which is relied upon by some of the best known financial institutions, operators, vendors and consulting firms to help make decisions that shape and drive their business.

Flexible Subscriptions
Whatever your business, whether large or small, our flexible subscriptions enable you to choose exactly the data and analysis to which you need access, making our service cost-effective and efficient.

Our three basic metric packages - Essentials, Enterprise and Expert - are designed to cater for the needs of all telecoms professionals, from top-line benchmark data, all the way to detailed financial metrics and ownership records.

All of our packages are available on both a global and a regional basis, according to our six world regions: Asia Pacific, Carribean & Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, North America and Russia & Central Asia. For more details on our global and regional packages, please contact us.